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CBA War Games **Ennobled
JABGA National Grand Champion FB Buck
2017 ABGA National Reserve Champion FB Buck

CBA Warsaw

CBA War Games ***Ennobled
(Sire : CBA Warsaw **Ennobled & Sire of Merit
Dam: EGGS Fixin to Fly **Ennobled)

     We’re not ones to Brag but Alma and I are so excited we just couldn’t help but to share the below with all of our friends.

     Who would’ve thought that the young buck pictured would be one of the top bucks in the Nation as well as almost sweeping the 2017 ABGA National Show.

     The 2017 AGBA Nationals are now only memories but what wonderful memories they are.

     I’d like to congratulate everyone for their wins but especially one Family in particular, Gary, Cheila and Clint Demmitt, owners of Sandy Creek Boer Goats in Bridgeport, Tx. They purchased CBA War Games *Ennobled for Clint’s show string at the 2014 Premier Alliance Sale just days after he was weaned. As a matter of fact he was 10 days shy of 3 months old in the picture and 3 days shy on sale day. Several weeks after they took him home he came down with the runs that took weeks to get under control. Gary didn’t even know if he was going to make it but through hard work and dedication everything worked out well and

CBA War Games was on the road to recovery. Once they got him back into shape it was time to hit the Show Circuit! I’m sure I don’t have to tell you but this was just the start of a magical trip for both the Demmit’s as well as Alma and I. Gary & Cheila would keep us updated on every show they took him to and 9 times out of 10 the report was phenomenal! 1st place, Division Grand, Overall Grand, won all 3 shows and on & on. Alma and I might have been even more excited than anyone since this was our breeding that was taking the Texas and Oklahoma Show circuit by storm. CBA War Games has accumulated a total of 543 points to date. It’s been a heck of a trip and who knows where this will end as CBA War Games kids are starting their Show career with a bang!

     CBA War Games sire, CBA Warsaw *Ennobled & *Sire of Merit did the same thing starting at the young age of 3 months with a Overall Reserve Champion win at the East Texas Boer Goat Show in Lufkin, Tx. in May of 2010, State Fair of Texas Overall Grand Champion in Oct 2010, San Antonio Livestock show Overall Reserve Grand Champion in Feb 2011 and at the 2011 ABGA National Show he placed just behind that years Overall Grand Champion Buck “RM Sugar Rey” as well as placing ahead of the 2012 National Grand Champion “BSA Check My Swag”. These are just a handful of his showings and we’re proud to say that CBA Warsaw was by far the winningest Bucks on the 2010-2011 Texas Show Circuit. We ended his show career after the 2011 Nationals in order to put him to work. Who knows what he might have done if we kept him in show shape for the 2012 Nationals! CBA Warsaw has accumulated 720 Show points of which 185 are his own and 535 of those points from 22 of his kids! All this was accomplished by #1, Alma’s expert ability to select the breedings, #2, All natural breedings without the use of flushes or AI’s and last but not least the dedication of those who bought his kids and put them in their show string. Now it’s time for his grandkid’s to take over his legacy.

CBA Warsaw *Ennobled*
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RRD Armed and Dangerous **Ennobled** 1-2012

Sad Day @ CBA
9-27-2000 to 6-17-2012
“ Rest in Peace Old Man “

"ABF M28 To-Bi"
Sire: EGGS the Sequel "Ennobled"
Dam: ABF Lillie "Ennobled"

It is with great sadness that I announce we lost Tobi yesterday 6-17-12. He would have been 12 years old this Sept. We’ve been told by several people that a Buck his age may just be a record. We retired him a few years ago and just let him live out the rest of his life in our retirement pen. I made a promise to him years ago that when he did decide to leave us I would put him to rest in his favorite lounging area. Even though it was a little trouble due to having to cut our high tensile fencing, I can say that he deserved whatever it took to make him comfortable in his after life. He was the best behaved buck we have ever owned and was as sweet as a kitten. Never sick a day in his life and the only thing we ever had to do was trim his hoofs, worm and vaccinate. He will be greatly missed and we are thankful that we had him collected several years ago. Tobi was the foundation of our original herd and we still have quite a few of his daughters and grand daughters.

Our Story and Goals

CBA Boer Goats started in 1999 with a few Spanish and Boer cross goats and what our son Carlos thought (at the time) was one of the best looking solid white unregistered Boer bucks.  Fullblood?  Who knows for sure?  At the time we never even considered getting into the goat business. CBA stands for the 3 of us, Carlos, Bob and Alma. Carlos has since ventured out on his own and now operates Sandy Creek Boer Goats out of Rosharon, TX.

Our introduction into the real Boer Goat world started when Carlos insisted we go visit a woman he met in Rosharon who had Boer goats, Gayla and Tony Matthews of Brakah Farms in Rosharon, Tx.  We gave in to our son’s request and headed out with the intention of “just looking” at what she had and if our son wanted to buy that was his decision.  We had no intention at that time of even getting into the goat business much less starting a herd of registered stock.  As we were walking around her farm admiring her stock, a 4-month-old bottle baby kept following Alma and wanted to be touched and held the whole time we were looking.  Needless to say Alma fell for this bottle baby doe and we ended up bringing her home for a price I thought “ FOR A GOAT “.  Gayla later admitted, jokingly, that she uses bottle babies as bait.  Well it worked and we’ve been hooked ever since.

We have learned a lot the past several years and owe it all to the breeders we have purchased our stock from.  One thing we have learned is that the people in this business are not afraid to share information and help out fellow breeders.

Our goals are to carry on this trend by assisting not only the people who have purchased our stock, but also to anyone that has any interest in the Boer Goat business.  My wife is occasionally referred to as Doc. We are also involved with our local 4-H groups and love working with and helping teach kids and their parents the pleasures and rewards of raising goats.

We also assist with coordinating and participating in several sanctioned shows a year along with assisting with sanctioned and non sanctioned Jackpot shows for the kids.  We have found that this, along with visiting other breeders is one of the best ways to learn the business.  In this business you never stop learning, or can never learn enough.

Our main goal is to offer the best in quality and genetics possible.  We are constantly upgrading our herd by adding the most current bloodlines to our program every few years.  Our current bloodlines include RRD Ruger, 2 Dox Prime Time, RRD Cannon, RRD Magnum,DCW Bo Jangle, FSE Aflac and Eggs the Sequel, sons and daughters.  We are always looking for ways to improve our stock.  We want to be able to offer the same quality as we would expect to purchase.


We look forward to a bright future in this young and maturing business and wish everyone who is in or looking to get in, all the best.  Please visit our Herd Sire, Does, Winners, and For Sale page to see how CBA Boer Goats can help you achieve your goals.


In 2007 we made the move from Angleton, TX to Security!!  Security, TX that is... To improve our operations and the quantity and quality of our herd we purchased 20 acres at the end of a dead end road. Security is located about 7 miles west of Cleveland, Tx. off State Rd 105.  The property has a spring fed 1 1/2 acre pond and is bordered on the West side by Peach Creek and on the North side by the Sam Houston National Forest.  We plan on staying in this business even into retirement and are excited to have the opportunity to expand our operation in order to better serve our Friends and Customers.

Bob and Alma Staples
CBA Boer Goats
Mailing: P.O. Box 1553
351 Scott Rd.
Cleveland, TX. 77328
Alma's Cell: 979-997-2251
Bob's Cell: 281-627-2460
“Where quality means everything”

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