Amelia ( Doe of Excellence )

   Amelia was purchased for Bar None Meat Goats back in 2005 and was immediately put in our show string accumulating 55 of her 217 points. As usually happens when you wish too hard for show quality doe kids she gave us show stopping wethers the first 2 years. In March of 2008 she finally gave us 2 extremely nice doe kids which were sold to 2 local breeders who fell in love with them immediately. Even though we really wanted to show these 2008 doe kids you also have to think about the feed bill once in a while. Needless to say we liked this breeding so much we decided to put her back with our herd sire FSE Storm ď Sire of Merit ď once again. In Feb. 2009 came the big surprise when she kidded with triplet doe kids, CBA Alaska, Aloha and Alabama. Our first thought was that because these were triplets it would be hard for them to compete with animals in there age group. Boy were we wrong! In May of 2009 we put 2 of her triplet kids, Alaska and Aloha on our show string and all you need to do is take a look at their show record. Each showed in 13+ shows and won most of their classes, divisions, reserve and overall champions occasionally swapping places back and forth. In addition to this Aloha took the honors of Reserve Overall Champion at the Texas State Fair in Dallas and the 2 of them won the Best Pair of Doe Kidís Honor. Her 3rd Doe kid, Alabama was sold at the 2009 Elite Coalition sale and was no less than her sisters. Hopefully Alabama is out there somewhere on the Show Circuit.

  Once again Amelia is back to her old ways giving us 2 extremely nice wethers for 2010. This is one breeding that will stay the same as it has proven itself time and again. Thanks Bar None for letting us purchase this fantastic doe!



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