Our Winners

2013 Cleveland Livestock Show
"Congratulations to 1
st timer Morgan Abbott. And this is just the start of better things to come.

2013 Cleveland Livestock Show
Reserve Grand Champion

2012 San Jacinto County
First in Class
2012 San Jacinto County
Grand Champion

Congratulations Josh & Amee Golden of Golden Boer Goats
with your 6th place finish at the 2012 ABGA Nationals with CBA Karise

Congratulations to Kayla Hower for her Senior Year 2nd place finish!
Humble Expo 2011

CBA Warsaw *Ennobled
Sire: RRD Armed & Dangerous *Ennobled ( RRD Ruger Ennobled X RRDT634 Ennobled )
Dam: GE1-43T ( Sired by 2DOX Prime Time )
CBA Warsaw *Ennobled* placed 3rd out of 27 at the 2011 ABGA Nationals 12-16 month Full blood Buck class behind the National Grand and Reserve Champion Bucks.
CBA Warsaw’s 16 month show record has been phenomenal. Just one look at this buck and you’ll want to breed your whole herd to him! Talk about Bone, Muscle and Structural correctness this boy has it all….and then some.
1st in class 17 times
2nd in class 7 times
3rd in class 6 times
10 time Division Champion
7 time Division Reserve Champion
6 time Overall Grand Champion
6 time Overall Reserve Champion
San Antonio Livestock Show 1st in class & Overall Reserve Champion
State Fair of Texas 1st in class & Overall Reserve Champion.
185 total show points
We would like to thank Robin Walters of Bar None Meat Goats for providing her professional fitting services and baby sitting Warsaw for the past 12 months. She has helped tremendously with getting Warsaw this far and for proving that he is one of the top bucks in the industry. I would personally also like to thank my wife Alma for not only her expertise in selecting the right breeding to create such a fine buck but for also for selecting the right genetics for our breeding program. His dam is also just one point shy of her ennoblement as well.
Warsaw is available for live coverage at our Farm. Rates vary depending on the number of does to be bred. Please call for rates.

2011 San Jacinto County prospect Show Grand and Reserve Grand Champions.

CBA Warsaw *Ennobled*
5-21-11 Lone Star Buckle Series Show 2
Overall Reserve Champion

CBA Warsaw *Ennobled*
5-22-11 Lone Star Buckle Series Show 2
Overall Grand Champion

CBA Hot Shot
RRD Armed & Dangerous ( Soon to be ennobled ) x Rolling Acres Rosalita

CBA Hot Shot started his show career at 8 weeks old at the Cuero Spring Fling Buckle series show on 4-16-11 where he placed 1st in his class in shows 1 & 2 and 2nd in his class in show 3. There were 10 + in each class in each show. On 5-7-11 we took him the Crowley, La. where he placed 1st in both shows and also walked away with the Jr. reserve honors. Point total as of 5-7-11 is 31. His next stop will be in Henderson, Tx. on 5-14-11 and then back to Cuero the following weekend. Things are just getting started for this little buck and looking forward to a great show career with him.  Hot shot will be for sale after the age of 10 months as we are keeping him around until he has been inspected.


CBA Warsaw *Ennobled*
Cuero Spring Fling Buckle series show on 4-16-11

CBA Warsaw *Ennobled*
2010 Texas State Fair

st place 6-9 month FB Buck
Jr. Res. Grand Champion Buck
Overall Reserve Grand Champion Buck

CBA Warsaw *Ennobled*
2010 Baton Rouge Livestock Show

CBA Warsaw *Ennobled
2010 Piney Woods Boer Goat Classic

Amelia ( Doe of Excellence )

   Amelia was purchased for Bar None Meat Goats back in 2005 and was immediately put in our show string accumulating 55 of her 217 points. As usually happens when you wish too hard for show quality doe kids she gave us show stopping wethers the first 2 years. In March of 2008 she finally gave us 2 extremely nice doe kids which were sold to 2 local breeders who fell in love with them immediately. Even though we really wanted to show these 2008 doe kids you also have to think about the feed bill once in a while. Needless to say we liked this breeding so much we decided to put her back with our herd sire FSE Storm “ Sire of Merit “ once again. In Feb. 2009 came the big surprise when she kidded with triplet doe kids, CBA Alaska, Aloha and Alabama. Our first thought was that because these were triplets it would be hard for them to compete with animals in there age group. Boy were we wrong! In May of 2009 we put 2 of her triplet kids, Alaska and Aloha on our show string and all you need to do is take a look at their show record. Each showed in 13+ shows and won most of their classes, divisions, reserve and overall champions occasionally swapping places back and forth. In addition to this Aloha took the honors of Reserve Overall Champion at the Texas State Fair in Dallas and the 2 of them won the Best Pair of Doe Kid’s Honor. Her 3rd Doe kid, Alabama was sold at the 2009 Elite Coalition sale and was no less than her sisters. Hopefully Alabama is out there somewhere on the Show Circuit.

  Once again Amelia is back to her old ways giving us 2 extremely nice wethers for 2010. This is one breeding that will stay the same as it has proven itself time and again. Thanks Bar None for letting us purchase this fantastic doe!

Kristian and Chloe are owned and shown by Austin Lopez
of Spring, TX.  Kristian placed 1st under Judge Bruce Lott
in the ABGA open show and 1st under Jackie Edwards
in the JABGA show that followed.

Chatual and Lucky Lady are owned and shown
 by Dustin and Dillon Kopecky of Sweeny, TX.
Lucky Lady has placed 1st in all 5 shows
she has shown in.

2008 Sam Houston Boer Goat Show -  ABGA
Armed & Dangerous
Grand Champion Buck

Emily Harris @
2009 Jasper County Jr. Livestock Show

Maranda Hammon
 2008 Reserve Grand Champion

Whitney Neal
Jackson Co - Grand Champion Meat Goat

CBA Alaska and Aloha

2010 ABGA Nationals


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